Why Is Neuropathy Treatment Difficult?

Neuropathy treatment can be difficult for some due to the fact, neuropathy is more than one condition.

An understandable question that we get in the clinic day after day is Why is neuropathy treatment so difficult?

As you probably know a good portion of patients who suffers from some form of chronic intractable pain have peripheral neuropathy. One reasons for this includes the fact we’re living longer. Also in general, our health habits as so-called modern and developed nations have become worse, not better.

There’s also one major misconception that hampers neuropathy treatment for many and that is  misunderstanding that Neuropathy is actually one condition when indeed its many disorders.

Nothing, and I mean nothing can be further from the truth. You see neuropathy rarely occurs without cause. Sometimes the known causes are due to chemotherapy, cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, and other such things as liver and kidney disease.

Sometimes, neuropathy is secondary to known disease processes. One example is Lyme disease.

Most of us know that 60% to 70% of patients who have developed diabetes, ultimately also develop some form of peripheral neuropathy.

About 50% of the time we diagnose neuropathy as being idiopathic. Idiopathic means that we are not one hundred percent sure what caused the patients neuropathy. As we have discussed here many times before, at least half the time in idiopathic cases the cause of the #neuropathy is due to metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is now so common and occurring in younger and younger ages that it is perhaps the most devastating health condition that we as a society must face head-on. Excess sugar and carbohydrate consumption along with decreasing physical activity is having a huge impact on society as a whole.

And too often even otherwise brilliant physicians ignore this as a possible cause of the patients underlying health conditions. Everything from neuropathy to heart disease can directly be related to metabolic syndrome.

And that is the reason in which many patients find neuropathy treatment so difficult.

Don’t let this be you. Start today by making stronger and more informed decisions. In a nutshell, do your homework, do your research and do everything you possibly can advocate for your health and effective #neuropathytreatment!

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