When Neuropathy Strikes Hard

 One of the most difficult things we see in the neuropathy clinic is when a patient presents with a new onset of neuropathy…

Now this patient’s neuropathy can be due to things like viral infections, an accident, and sometimes even a chemical exposure. Sometimes-even drugs that save our lives may cause sudden neuropathy.

Very often though, a patient presents with neuropathy that appeared suddenly, but has been probably coming on for a long time.

So what I’d thought I’d do today iets talk about something we see too frequently. That is, when the tingling, numbness and burning are sudden, but the causes are many. And in reality, have been creating some trouble for years.

Here’s a patient story that is not unfamiliar.

Jim who just turned 45 has gradually become less active over time, but otherwise relatively healthy. He’s also become very poor with his eating habits; you know chips and beer with the boys during the week instead of just during a weekend ball game. He’s stunned at how trim and fit he looked when he finds his high school pictures but says, “Oh well…”

He never kicked the cigarettes. And about 10 months ago he learned in a life insurance exam his cholesterol and blood sugars were “borderline” high but probably “OK” for his “age”.

Reversisng Neuropathy is the Aim Of NeuropathyDR Combined Treatment Methods

He finally sees his doctor who says quite frankly, ‘clean up your act’ or you’ll have no choice but to take these drugs. Guess which path he takes? Yes, statin medication and blood sugar pills. Oh yeah, he now is eating antacids like crazy and never eats anything green. Then, he has surgery for a longstanding hernia and then seemingly all at once, his feet are on fire, with his hands not far behind.

Now, he remembers his grandfathers diabetes and just how miserable his hands and feet were with neuropathy when he was a kid

So, was this neuropathy sudden? Well the symptoms sure were but actually our patient’s health habits had set the neuropathy stage for more than 20 years.

My friends, the sad part is in the ND neuropathy clinics we see every day patients like our friend. Sadly, this kind of neuropathy is a consequence of long standing habits, some of which are very preventable.

We now know way more than we did about neuropathy, and we are ready when you are to tackle the health habits that may be standing in your way of living and feeling a whole lot better!