What Caused My Neuropathy?

What Caused My Neuropathy?

One of the most common questions we get in our clinics is “What caused MY Neuropathy?” We spend a whole lot of time just trying to sort this one out.

Why? Because we know your results will be much better if we can just identify just what caused YOUR Neuropathy.

The more experience we get, the more I realize is that many times in the neuropathy treatment centers, the causes of neuropathy are actually several different things all interacting together.

Let me give you a common scenario.

This make believe patient is a guy, former athlete now has a sedentary job, he’s age 49, does not exercise at home at all. Unfortunately, eats lots of processed foods, very few vegetables, and loves a few beers with his steak dinners. He’s been eating like this 2-3 days a week since he started to make good money at work. He was put on statin (cholesterol) and blood pressure drugs 4 years ago, and was recently told by his doctor he may be “pre-diabetic”.

Now, he finds himself stumbling in the dark and his balance is off. He really got concerned when he couldn’t feel the carpet on the floor and his feet started to burn and tingle. Now they keep him up at night!

Our young patient has developed neuropathy. So, if you are a long time reader can you identify a least 3 possible causes?

OK, here goes: 1. Metabolic Syndrome or pre-diabetes can cause neuropathy, sometimes 10 years or more before diabetes is diagnosed! 2. His diet is low in fiber and antioxidants, maybe too much alcohol too.

Sometimes Called Pre-Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome is rampant in our society...

And lastly, he’s taking two classes of drugs that are known to cause neuropathy, even sometimes by themselves.

So, what has to be dealt with for our patient to really get better? You guessed it. Treatment of course will make him happy and more comfortable, but lasting health will be…you guessed it… a project that is life long!