Think You May Have Neuropathy? What To Do Next

Good neuropathy and chronic pain treatment is often a do-it-yourself project.

As you probably know, peripheral neuropathy is a condition that afflicts millions of Americans.

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Learn more about your own health and fitness.

In fact, one hundred million Americans suffer some form of chronic pain—and 25% of those suffer from some form of peripheral neuropathy! Unfortunately, like so many disorders, peripheral neuropathy is reaching epidemic proportions.

Why is that? Well, it looks like many forms of peripheral neuropathy are lifestyle-related. The most common cause is likely related to the increasing rates of obesity and poor fitness.

But because there are many different causes, it is important to work with a healthcare professional that understands this, and tries to identify any possible causes early on.

The most important thing of all while searching for possible correctable causes is to embark upon a self-treatment program early on.

This includes learning more about your own health and fitness.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of maintaining proper body weight. Another immediate step you can take is limiting possible irritants like gluten, dairy, and artificial sweeteners from your diet.

Unfortunately, it is often never possible to completely understand what causes a patient’s neuropathy. Failing to take immediate action to help move your health in a positive direction is a big mistake.

Make every attempt to begin some non-drug therapies like nerve stimulation, laser, and physical therapy early on—even during the diagnostic process!

The reason for this is quite simple: As we said, many patients search for answers, and all the while their health continues to deteriorate.

Sometimes, patients and doctors alike will mask symptoms only with powerful medications.

Medications may dull the pain for a while. But, unfortunately, symptoms often return, with a vengeance.

So, as you can see, good neuropathy and chronic pain treatment is often a do-it-yourself project.

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