The Worst #Neuropathy and #ChronicPain Treatment Plan

Just taking medications is Not a treatment strategy for #neuropathy

If you or someone you love suffers from peripheral neuropathy or any other form of chronic pain you personally know how difficult it can be getting answers and then secondly formulating a treatment plan that actually works.

Too often patients move about from office to office in search for a diagnosis while all the underlying things that could be acted upon and corrected immediately are ignored.

Unfortunately the most common things that contribute to neuropathy and many forms of chronic pain include lifestyle, cigarette smoking, and yes even some prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Sometimes patients go for years before any of these are addressed. All the while more damage to the body and interference to the healing process continues.

It is not unusual for us to find patients who have been taking 10 or more medications long-term.

This of course is not a treatment strategy.

It’s actually a form of blind archery meaning you’re trying to fire an arrow at a target that you cannot see.

Of course trials of various treatment programs need to be and should be attempted. But in order to be effective, they all must be coordinated and part of a bigger plan.

And that of course is the point of this article. When I started to work with patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy I realized there was no system in place to actually help them not only to control their pain but to sleep and give their body a fighting chance at recovery.

Everything we’ve designed at NeuropathyDR is specifically intended to address a key component of neuropathy and pain. The first tool is our NDGen neurostimulator.

Unlike simple TENS units the NDGen is designed to be profoundly stimulatory in addressing the first component of neuropathy and chronic pain and that is of course, pain control.

As the next several days go by we’ll talk much more about our systems in particular and why they’re so important.

But for now, start thinking about better ways to help yourself and most importantly what you can do personally with the help of our clinicians to formulate a better neuropathy and chronic pain treatment plan!

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