The Second Step in Neuropathy Treatment Success

The Second Step

During our last time together, we talked about the very first step in dealing with neuropathy and really any major life challenge. Pain is something nobody welcomes into his or her life.

You heard Mal Duane and I talk about a different approach to neuropathy treatment patients than you may have expected.

And I bet you don’t hear it from your friends who do not suffer neuropathy, and maybe even your own doctors.

Simply, we spoke about regaining a sense of control. Taking some really very basic steps. You see, so much of modern health care is still about what can doctors do for us, when instead we should be asking ourselves daily “Am I doing my part and what else should I be doing?”

Or not doing.

Use Tools Like Journaling and Blood Sugar Monitoring Every Day...

So if regaining control is the first step, “action” is the second step. A game plan in any of life’s accomplishments, backed up by great coaches and cheerleaders is so important to us, whether we admit it or not.

Action is what allows us to actually maintain the control we start out with! And it could be the simplest step!  For example, today, it’s no more soda. Next week is cutting the poor foods out of our diet. Even if these steps have to be taken to be one by one.

Think about that. Don’t you feel better with each good thing you do just for you, just because it’s the right thing to do?

But we can’t have one without the other. Intention without action is wasted life energy. To do so is inviting failure.

And I know that’s not what you want from your neuropathy treatments.

PS I really do thank you for your kind comments following our last articles and videos.  It really is great to see you engaged here and over on Facebook too! It’s also so good to see so many of you putting into place what we talk about every week when it comes to your self-care!

Dr John (: