The Power of Scheduled Neuropathy and Chronic Pain Treatment

Most patients search for answers as to why they ended up with peripheral neuropathy or other chronic pain.

If you are like most patients you spent considerable time, money, and energy chasing for answers. Answers as to why you may have ended up with some of peripheral neuropathy or some form of chronic pain.

You probably already have discovered that answers are not always easy. Most of the time there are a combination of factors, which have been at work sometimes for years.

Now given that this is often the truth the difficulty in appropriate treatment lies in not having a schedule and system to follow both at home and in the clinic.

But there is an answer. And that answer is to build and keep yourself a schedule.

You see, your body has certain basic needs and these needs include things such as sleep, fuel, and proper elimination.

When these take place on a set schedule your body has an easier time adapting and healing.

Now of course everyone is a little different. Some are morning people, some afternoon or evening. The best thing you can do is to adapt to schedule the keep yourself on track with eating, and self-care.

We find that most people do the best when they scheduled their self care treatment with their NDGen at set times during the day and perhaps the evening as well.

The same goes for the other tasks including monitoring blood sugar, blood pressure etc.

Most especially though you’ve got to schedule in appropriate eating times, meal preparation, physical activity and exercise everyday.

The most amazing thing about this is you will start to feel better more quickly and your body will actually anticipate and look forward to all the good things you can do for it.

So start today by making yourself a priority.

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