The Neuropathy and Chronic Pain Treatment Formula

Far too often, clinicians only attempt to dull patients’ neuropathy and chronic pain symptoms with drugs.

One of the things that becomes obvious to those clinicians who have a lot of experience taking care of neuropathy and chronic pain patients is that good neuropathy treatment plans are applied just like any formula.

Fotolia 41734006 S 300x200 The Neuropathy and Chronic Pain Treatment FormulaJust like you may use some basic rules in cooking, especially for recipes, or even in high school chemistry class, treating neuropathy and many forms of chronic pain is only successful when key formulas are provided to each patient, and then followed by the patient and clinician.

Let’s take neuropathy, for example. Now, some forms of neuropathy are due to genetics and trauma, but in all forms of neuropathy there are several key components that must be taken care of in order for the patient to feel and function better—and, wherever possible, recover.

This includes paying attention to things like key nutrients the nerves require for healing, improving proper blood flow and electrical conductivity of the nerve wherever possible, as well as employing tools that stimulate the nerves and possibly enhance the healing process. In this day and age this includes some modern tools like laser, LED, and neurostimulation of various types.

But far too often, clinicians only attempt to dull patients’ symptoms with drugs. This could include injections, pills, salves, and creams applied to the skin.

None of these neuropathy and chronic pain treatments will do anything to aid in healing process! And, far too often, this is the case not only in peripheral neuropathy, but also in many forms of chronic pain.

The bottom line is, there are good neuropathy and chronic pain treatment formulas to be used at home, and in the clinic.
But it takes the knowledge and guidance of someone with experience to help you get the care you need to actually get well again.

So if you are serious about your neuropathy and chronic pain, be sure you’re doing everything you possibly can to make sure that your own treatment formula includes some of the targeted neuropathy treatments that we spoke about today!

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