The Hardest Part for Many Neuropathy Patients

The Hardest Part for Many Neuropathy Patients

One of the things that we find very challenging, and gets in the way of patient progress many times, is the patient’s unwillingness to question the status quo.

Now, if you suffer from neuropathy or indeed many forms of chronic pain , spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia etc. know that often times the only answers presented to you or drugs and more drugs.

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Drug-only therapy can mask underlying causes of neuropathy, and make your condition progress faster.

By and large, our system does a terrible job of educating patients the impact that their lifestyles, diet, and fitness have on the progression and wherever possible reversal of their underlying diseases.

One of the fundamental reasons for this is that very little time in professional education is spent in these critical areas.

Furthermore, the constant barrage in all forms of media with drug only solutions does tend to brainwash people. Also, it’s a sad fact that these tools are made available to patients with little or no cost out-of-pocket before potentially less harmful, and invasive alternatives.

Thanks to patients like you however all of this is changing.

Social networks like this continue to grow and bring alternative solutions to patients literally around the world.
Often times though YOU need to carry this a step further when dealing with your healthcare pros.

Ask more questions.

Be sure you fully engage your doctors and therapists!

You have every right to. After all, this is the only body you’ll ever get.

Talk neuropathy and pain treatment side effects. Talk risks versus benefits.

Talk about trying alternative solutions FIRST!

Above all do something more every day to improve the quality of your health.

You’ll be glad you did!

Your Neuropathy and Chronic Pain will thank you day after day!

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