Stop Waiting for the “Magic Fix”

Right now, a “magic fix” or “formula” for so may health conditions are pushed at consumers on many web and social media platforms. Not unexpectedly, the results can be disastrous. Nowhere else are there so many gimmicks, offers, and programs available for people who struggle with weight management. Of course, there are many other conditions that fall into this category.

You don’t have to go far to find numerous ads and sales pages for some new magic fix or formula. Unfortunately, peripheral neuropathy and chronic pain is no exception.

Here is what concerns us the most: peripheral neuropathy and many forms of chronic pain have multiple underlying medical factors.

This makes them necessarily complex to evaluate and treat. Missing one could be deadly.This is also why looking for one simple magic fix,  formula, or pill to help “cure” your problem is often ineffective, at best—and dangerous, at worst.

So what are the answers— real answers—to become a more informed patient?

Become your own treatment advocate! Look for complete treatment systems rather than isolated over hyped pieces. Approach any serious underlying condition with curiosity, and uncover all the relative facts. You also find that this will make your doctor’s job of providing you an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment much easier.

When you approach any serious underlying condition with curiosity but with caution and physician guidance, and uncover all the relative facts, you’ll be far happier and ultimately much more satisfied with any at-home or in-clinic care.


*As frustrating as it may be at times, we encourage you to learn as much about your underlying condition and treatment options as possible. Even if it’s not 100% clear on what the underlying cause, the good news is proven strategies now exist for effectively treating many forms of  #pain & #neuropathy.

Join us for more in depth help, #neuropathytreatmentsthatwork and learn lots more about #chronicpain & #neuropathy HERE

*You can also call or text our team at 781-659-7989 Just BE SURE to leave your full name, time zone and concerns.

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