Got Neuropathy? Fuel Better to Feel Better!

Do you remember why we eat? It’s to provide fuel and “building blocks” so our bodies can function smoothly, and repair themselves. Thinking very consciously about this really can help you improve your neuropathy treatment!

In our last few posts I’ve talked about how simple a neuropathy diet can, and should be most of the time

Do you remember though, why we eat? It’s to provide fuel and “building blocks” so our bodies can function smoothly, and repair themselves. Thinking very consciously about this really can help you change your neuropathy treatment!

One of the biggest things I find that helps us is always having a powerful image of how we want to feel, and function! Think about it. Would you rather be building your body with empty calories from highly refined foods or from fresh, “live” foods such as vegetables, fruits and so on.

As part of good neuropathy treatment we are trying to stop or reduce “Inflammation”, the cause of much pain and suffering.

Neuropathy patients especially, need to be able to repair their bodies better, maintain an even blood sugar, and also provide things like magnesium, and vitamins.

In neuropathy, magnesium can help ease pain and restore better sleep. In our neuropathy diet, this would be from eating our leafy green vegetables, fruits and nuts.

The B Vitamins especially help our nerve cells work better. A key neuropathy vitamin is B1 or Thiamine. This one is crucial in neuropathy and diabetes as it helps your body “burn” starches and sugars, commonly called carbs now a days.

Food is Fuel for Your Body- how good is your fuel?

This you’ll get from eating nuts, and lean proteins like omega 3 eggs. Cereals are limited in the neuropathy diet, but small portions like a quarter cup (hint: always measure) can help your belly work better and help keep cholesterol levels in check.

One of my favorite ways to start the day is with ¼ cup gluten free granola with almonds, then, add 1 tablespoon of soy or vegetable protein powder, and finally a splash of soy or almond milk. You’ll be keeping your carbs around 15-20 grams and be getting a head start on vitamins if you do this right.

A final word about neuropathy treatment supplements. Neuropathy treatment supplements are often advised in the NeuropathyDR clinics, always under supervision, and knowing what medicines you may be taking.

But always remember, the foundation of your best neuropathy treatment at home should be the neuropathy diet and activity, with co-treatments directed by your NeuropathyDR clinician.




Neuropathy Warning: “Treat Your Body as a Temple, Not a Woodshed!”


Like many of life’s disruptions, neuropathy is a wake up call.

This is one of my favorite all time quotes from one of my first mentors, Jim Rohn. Jim is no longer of this world, but his words ring truer than ever. Jim was a powerful personal and business development expert, who was taught early in life that all of us need to study nutrition, along with the other the basic essentials of what makes us tick as human beings.

Like many of life’s disruptions, neuropathy is a wake up call. And it’s always an uninvited guest. But there are now many things we do know that you can use to help yourself. And one of these is to master how your body responds to better neuropathy care, just like your car!

Neuropathy is a disruption of our internal “machinery”. In our youth, we take so much for granted, as we accumulate miles, just like an older car we need more attention, expense, and yes, even better fuel.

You see, neuropathy is often a breakdown in the individual nerve cells that get overwhelmed or fail to recover from insults.

Now this could be anything from an accident to accompanying diseases. Maybe your family history and your genes paly a role too.

Good neuropathy care involves giving your body the best possible chance of recovery. And a huge part of that can be just by starting a nutrition “recovery” program. Too often though, we tend to be overwhelmed or confused when it comes to neuropathy nutrition.

Do you need a special diet? In a word, yes!

Use Neuropathy Treatment Tools Like Journaling for 7 days...

So how do we begin? I suggest that neuropathy patients begin with conscious eating. What this means is for 7 days, starting today, you log everything that goes into your mouth. And I mean gum, candy, cigars or whatever on a daily basis.

Be strict about this for one week. Then you can begin the path to better neuropathy results by better nutrition.

Once you have the basics, then we can work your game plan together for outstanding neuropathy treatment results!


Fault Finding or Personal Choices in Obesity Related Neuropathy

Obesity, diabetes and a very common form of peripheral neuropathy are very closely linked. Neuropathy and diabetes are both much more common now a days, and showing up in younger ages than ever before in our modern world.

Food supply is a doubled edged sword. As little as 50 years ago, foods in some areas of the modern world were in short supply. Modern food processing and even food “manufacturing” has changed all that.

Food itself is far more plentiful for most people than at any time in our history. And that unfortunately has created lots of problems.

Along with supply, has come a huge increase in the “density” of calories. A calorie is a simple measure of energy potential in what we eat and drink. An average healthy person may only need around 2000 calories per day. But the problem is, its possible to eat (very easily) way more than that, even in 1 meal! Yikes!

So, this means that a cup of a processed food for example can have 3 times the calories and fewer nutrients than a cup of say steamed vegetables, or even lean protein.

And consume these foods long enough before you know it you’ve packed on 20, 40, 60 or more pounds and neuropathy, diabetes and heart disease can and often do result.

Recently, there has been a wave of politicians attempting to legislate better health habits. What a theft of personal choice that is!

Quite frankly I’m appalled. Between the proposals made by Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City proposals, the “popcorn police”, and now Cambridge Mass. and others wanting to ban sales of certain foods too!

Aren’t we big boys and girls any more? Can we still teach our kids right from wrong? Behavior has consequences!

Real empowerment in neuropathy or any disease comes from the choices you and I make every day. The good news is progress from food companies is being made. Slow, but real.

I’m rather about adults learning what’s best and teaching our children better personal choices every day!

How about you?

I recently had the opportunity to interview the famous Hank Cardello, a former food executive and the author of “Stuffed”.

Listen in as Hank and I discuss the Obesity Epidemic and The Food Industry…

Help Us Help You Beat Neuropathy!

Help Us Help You Beat Neuropathy!

Wow, what a week it’s been in the neuropathy treatment clinic! We’ve taken in several new cases this week. Post-surgical neuropathy, diabetes and chemotherapy. We also have had our youngest cancer patient ever come in.

In fact, we just finished treating another post chemotherapy patient, 50-60% better after just 5 weeks in the Norwell clinic.

In addition to being very happy, with her progress, and just 4 days after she completed a 3 hr benefit walk, Laura said we are “…the most comfortable Dr.s Office I’ve ever visited!” Keep in mind, 6 weeks ago, Laura had difficulty even walking normally!

On the flip side though, we have had over 30 patients around the USA and Canada in the last 4 days contact us, because there are no NeuropathyDR® clinics available to help them locally.

My wife Patti saw these come in to my desk and said “John, why don’t you ask your on-line friends to recommend THEIR favorite doctors and physical therapists to YOU, and see if they would like to become the NeuropathyDR Treatment Center in their area?”

Finally, a Neuropathy Treatment System that works!

What a really good idea that is! So now, we are asking you to help yourself and other professionals who may be reading this.

You know as a reader, our neuropathy treatment systems are unique, relying very much on the skill and training of our highly respected clinicians. And we often get results where others fail.

This is because we only let the most qualified clinicians join our team.

A big part of our rapid growth at NeuropathyDR has come with the iPhone®/ipad app, and our Facebook community. Patient’s call and private message us all the time looking for competent, caring neuropathy treatment professionals.

Peripheral neuropathy is not a problem with quick, easy answers. And its difficult work, even on easy days. But if you have been fortunate enough to encounter a great doc or therapist willing to expand their horizons and do what we do, I invite you to have them call us at 781-754-0599  24/7

Tell us who’s your favorite health care provider and why below, or  over here on Facebook

Enjoy your day!



Neuropathy and Me Time

Me Time

Distraction seems to be the ruling force behind your day. Cell phones, computer, instant email, chats and text messaging. Now add to the mix a packed calendar with events others have seemingly filled for you.

Then there are kids, pets, and parents. Maybe a very needy family member. Doctor’s visits. Errands. The Car.

Actually, your list may be a whole lot bigger.

Before you know it, months and years start screaming by. This year is just about at the half way mark. Has everything you looked forward to on New Years Eve happened, or are they at least in progress?

What do YOU think about First Thing In The Morning?

Well, like most people this chronic sense of time crunch sets the stage for less health, not more. This behavior can make dealing with neuropathy or any illness much harder than it needs to be.

One of the first things we do in successful neuropathy treatments is ask patients to commit to better self-care. Why? Because we know from experience in hundreds of cases when neuropathy patients invest more time in them, the end result is less pain, more energy, and deeper personal resources to pull from.

But how can we do this? Where do we begin?

It all starts with quiet time, first thing every day. This means no computers, tablets or phones. Meditation, prayer or simply sitting quietly with a note pad. And if you really want to have the best chance of beating your health problems including the pain of neuropathy, you’ll do exactly the same thing at night.

You see, surveys tell us that as a world, we are no longer disconnecting. We simply will tend to let other peoples demands pull on us without a break. Worse yet, people now let their phones and “friends” rather than their inner voices or spirit guide them.

Don’t let this be you. Shut off the TV, phone and computers at least an hour before bed. Spend the first part of your day on the “Me” list.

So, what are YOU going to do to make this a healthier day?

Take 2 minutes with Mal Duane and I in this recent clip from “Beating Neuropathy and Chronic Pain”

The Very First Step In Neuropathy Treatment

Ever Feel Out Of Control With Your Neuropathy? You are NOT alone!

So often in the clinic we get to meet and care for people who are or have been seriously ill for quite some time. Sometimes they are in the middle of dealing with an illness, sometimes recovering and getting their lives “back on track”.

Neuropathy patients frequently ask me “What’s the fastest way to get better Dr Hayes?”

And what I have found is this. Simply establish a state or feeling of Control. On a regular basis. Now this can be moment to moment in crisis. But I can tell you that those neuropathy patients that make this part of their daily routines get better faster, sleep better, worry much less and generally regain that crucial sense of being in control.

Now of course much of what we face in illness is seemingly random. But recovering, just like dealing with problems in any area of life is about taking control of what you can, and releasing or letting go what we cannot.

But how do we do that? It can seem to be overwhelming!
What I have found to be very helpful for my patients and also myself of course is meditation.

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview the bestselling author of “The Alpha Chick” Mal Duane. Mal and I talked for some time about regaining a sense of control as it applies to dealing with chronic pain.

You can listen and watch a brief clip of that wonderful interview here too.

You see, too often in our crazy world we forget that our answers come from solitude, from doing less, not more! Now this can be relaxation, exercise, and hobbies too.

But meditation can put you in contact with your deep inner reserves that can help you beat neuropathy and vastly improve the condition of your health.

Some of our next articles will focus on meditation and your pain and neuropathy treatment success.

Let us know if you find this discussion helpful, as you are the reason we do what we do!

Neuropathy Treatments That Really Work!

Neuropathy Treatments That Really Work

Peripheral Neuropathy is the word your health care professionals use for the often condition that affects those parts of the body outside the brain and spinal cord.

Along with other forms of long standing pain, neuropathy is a major source of aggravation and loss of work. Billions of dollars a year are spent dealing with the devastation it can bring.

Twenty million plus people suffer from this condition, with several thousand new patients every year. And if we count the people who suffer from daily pain, that number well exceeds one hundred million.

There are many causes. The most serious are those inherited diseases. The most common problems though also bring along the complications of their causes like diabetes or cancer.

And here lies the secret answer to better helping our neuropathy patients! The best treatments target the problems that the underlying disease has caused!

I know you understand how miserable life with neuropathy can be because you are reading this article. Maybe it’s for yourself, maybe it’s for someone you love very much.

You have seen just how miserable it can be! For some, its loss of sleep and being able to do the things they love. For others, the prospect of facing yet another day or sleepless night of pain, tingling numbness and burning is terrifying.

You just don’t know what to do!

Recently, even major medication trials have been stopped because of poor neuropathy treatment results.

That is just why we are going to spend time in this next series of articles talking in detail about some real solutions to this huge problem.

But most importantly, real simple things you can do to help take charge of your health.

If I can help you in any way, please post your comments or visit our growing Facebook family of friends where we’ll be sharing all week long!

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