Simple and Powerful: The NeuropathyDR Diet Plan

Why I believe a simple dietary approach for neuropathy treatment or what I call the “NeuropathyDR Patients Diet” may be the best diet, not only for neuropathy but also for everyone.

When we last met I also talked about how this simple diet that many neuropathy patients do best with is a plant or vegetable based diet.

The real reason I advise this approach, is that it helps your body fight inflammation and obesity, which is the enemy of all of us. This is especially true if you suffer from neuropathy.

Learning to shop the outside aisles in the markets, you’ll find all you need except for things like coffee, tea and spices.

Picking from fresh vegetables like spinach, broccoli and asparagus can be a new experience for many with neuropathy and chronic pain.

Be sure to minimize your starchy veges like carrots and potatoes.

Why? Starches in many forms (including so called natural ones) can affect blood sugar levels in many neuropathy patients, especially those with diabetes and its precursor, metabolic syndrome.

For fruits, look for low sugar fresh fruits like apples, melon and in season things like peaches, pears, etc. Buy organically grown, and local foods wherever possible.

The NeuropathyDR Diet is About Picking Farmed Produce First

You can start adding walnuts and almonds to your salads. Nuts are good sources of essential fats, which your body needs for proper nerve function. Remember, peanuts are actually a legume and are not always tolerated well. Raw almonds may actually help you drop your cholesterol too.

Another way to help your body fight neuropathy as well as control your appetite is to add some additional oils like olive oil. If you haven’t yet replaced butter or margarine, my favorite of all is Earth Balance®

As you are piecing together your own neuropathy diet, remember never shop while hungry, and use a list. Avoiding impulse buys may save you those aggravating blood sugar related neuropathy flare-ups, which my patients tell me are very real.

Just remember, by doing this successfully, you have avoided dairy, soda, candy, pastry, breads and pasta, cheeses, processed meats etc.


By now, you should be able to see why the NeuropathyDR Diet is an important first step to beating your neuropathy!

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