Reducing Chronic Pain and Neuropathy

Not taking care of acute painful episodes when they occur is one reason human beings go on to develop chronic pain. 1 Reducing Chronic Pain and Neuropathy

It has been known for many years that not taking care of acute painful episodes when they occur is one of the reasons that human beings go on to develop chronic pain.

Of course this is not always possible. Accidents do happen. Surgical complications can and do occur.

But for lots of things we experience in daily life, jumping at the first sign of dysfunction can go along way towards preventing a more chronic and serious health problem.

When speaking about peripheral neuropathy in particular, we commonly find out the patients have had mild symptoms often for years. Sometimes their own physicians don’t take these early signs seriously.

As we speak about all the time there is no such thing as a little neuropathy, or your blood sugar being “slightly bad”.

It’s just like you really can’t be a little overweight. You’re either fit or you’re not. You’re either trim and have adequate muscle mass or you don’t.

Harsh statements?

Yes but you’ve got to understand this concept.

The more you read, the more you understand how imperative it is to take these early warning signs as serious signals. If we don’t do something different, a much more difficult problem could ultimately develop!

Here is what to do next:

If these concepts are new to you, we strongly recommend that you dive into our patient library, read all the articles, watch all the videos, and get all our books.

In essence, what we are suggesting is that you learn everything you can do to help yourself, no matter what your starting point is.

Let your poor old habits go!

This is the day you get to start over by doing more for yourself and applying all the good self-care tips and tools we make available for you!

Remember, we are always here to help.

But you must also do your own homework, reach out and grab all the help you can!

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