Jeremiah Jorgensen

The Center for Spine & Sport Rehab is an outpatient physical therapy clinic that was founded in 2007 by Jeremiah and Kari Jorgensen, husband and wife and practicing physical therapists. We accomodate patients from Lincoln, Seward, Waverly, Hickman all surrounding areas.

Our therapists treat a wide variety of diagnoses in any phase of injury or recovery. Our therapists are accustomed to treating patients that have not responded to conservative management.

Jeremiah is a licensed physical therapists who received his Masters degree in Physical Therapy from St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. He will be furthering his postgraduate education in 2012 toward his PhD in manual physical therapy and the treatment of peripheral neuropathy.

Jeremiah spent four years practicing in Arizona while completing his Doctoral residency in orthopaedic manual physical therapy.  This involved extensive postgraduate curriculum and clinical training for extremity and spinal orthopaedic manual physical therapy.  Jeremiah is currently the only Physical Therapist in Nebraska with this training.

Jeremiah has logged numerous hours under some of the most talented orthopaedic manual physical therapists.

Clinic hours are Monday-Friday 7am-7 pm.  Saturday by appointment.