Neuropathy Treatments That Really Work!

Neuropathy Treatments That Really Work

Peripheral Neuropathy is the word your health care professionals use for the often condition that affects those parts of the body outside the brain and spinal cord.

Along with other forms of long standing pain, neuropathy is a major source of aggravation and loss of work. Billions of dollars a year are spent dealing with the devastation it can bring.

Twenty million plus people suffer from this condition, with several thousand new patients every year. And if we count the people who suffer from daily pain, that number well exceeds one hundred million.

There are many causes. The most serious are those inherited diseases. The most common problems though also bring along the complications of their causes like diabetes or cancer.

And here lies the secret answer to better helping our neuropathy patients! The best treatments target the problems that the underlying disease has caused!

I know you understand how miserable life with neuropathy can be because you are reading this article. Maybe it’s for yourself, maybe it’s for someone you love very much.

You have seen just how miserable it can be! For some, its loss of sleep and being able to do the things they love. For others, the prospect of facing yet another day or sleepless night of pain, tingling numbness and burning is terrifying.

You just don’t know what to do!

Recently, even major medication trials have been stopped because of poor neuropathy treatment results.

That is just why we are going to spend time in this next series of articles talking in detail about some real solutions to this huge problem.

But most importantly, real simple things you can do to help take charge of your health.

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