Neuropathy Treatments That Really Do Work!

Neuropathy treatments that really do work depend upon the skill of highly trained clinicians to choose exactly the correct therapies for you.


If you look at the Internet like most patients do several times a day, you have no doubt searched for “neuropathy treatment”. Probably many times. You have also spent a lot of time in chats and you probably even belong to groups.

Your probably saw us on-line, maybe on Facebook “Beating Neuropathy”. Maybe you saw our neuropathy treatment book in a bookstore and grabbed it!

And if you are like most of the new neuropathy patients we see in the NeuropathyDR clinics, you may be disappointed to see that so little is actually written about effective neuropathy treatment. This is really true when it comes to medical treatments of neuropathy and many forms of chronic pain.

Usually, some single drug, or drug combination is talked about. Then maybe some surgical or other radical procedures to cut or numb damaged nerves are described.

PThipstretch 300x200 Neuropathy Treatments That Really Do Work!

Knowing which techniques are right for you!

Now I’ll talk about this again, but the reality most of the time, is that no single therapy used by itself makes for good neuropathy treatment!

That is simply because neuropathy treatment success is often complicated.

And that is because neuropathy itself can be complicated.

Neuropathy treatments that really do work depend upon the skill of highly trained clinicians to choose exactly the correct therapies for you.

Neuropathy treatment specialists like those in our practice know this and work first to understand everything they possibly can about your condition.

And just as importantly, trained neuropathy treatment specialists also know what therapies not to use, or may be harmful.

Our experience is that some treatment combinations for neuropathy can be very powerful!

For example, when we first started to use electro therapies, we discovered adding additional and sometimes simultaneous applications of different neuropathy treatments worked far better than one just by itself!

So, as you can see, there is no one size fits all answer for effective neuropathy treatments.

But with the combined effort of many neuropathy treatment centers, we have a darned good idea of what works most of the time!

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