“My doctor says I have neuropathy, and I need to live with it.”

Just Diagnosed With Neuropathy? Now what?

This is the most common question we receive every day both by telephone, and in the social media.oldercouple 300x233 “My doctor says I have neuropathy, and I need to live with it.”

“My doctor says I have neuropathy, and I need to live with it.” Now what?

Unfortunately, most doctors in all disciplines are unprepared to answer that question. The fact the matter is we now know much more about effective neuropathy treatment than ever before.

But it is a specialty. It takes a tremendous degree of training, education, and research for any of us in the healing arts to help our neuropathy friends and patients.

So here’s the best advice I can give you today. Number one: take diligent care of any underlying and urgent medical problems. For example, if you have diabetes, cancer, or heart disease, they must be managed in the best way possible. Next, seek immediate care from neuropathy treatment specialists who will work with your other healthcare providers to give you the most effective home and clinic care during the time of your greatest need.And I don’t mean simply using medications that maybe only mask symptoms. I’m talking about taking corrective action wherever this is possible.

The next and perhaps most difficult is to take a very hard look at your own health habits, which are often correctable. Diet and smoking are two big ones. Lack of regular activity, is another.

How can this possibly affect your neuropathy? The answer is very significantly!

We know for example that being just 10 or 20 pounds overweight will have a significant negative impact on your body. Cholesterol, blood fats, and blood sugar tend to be higher. In many patients this alone over a long period of time is enough to cause neuropathy. Can it really be this simple? The answer is yes! But what is more challenging is learning the precise lifestyle, homecare treatment, and dietary steps you should take on a daily basis.

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