Lipoic Acid: A Piece of the Neuropathy Treatment Puzzle

In good neuropathy treatment, lipoic acid is best administered with a multitude of micronutrients.

Lipoic acid is a nutrient many patients who suffer from peripheral neuropathy are exposed to. In fact, “bombarded” would be the better word; so much so that some patients are led to believe that simply by taking this one magical nutrient, their neuropathy will disappear.

You don’t have to go to far, either in a health food store or magazine, to see supplements targeted at patients who suffer from neuropathy.

Fotolia 46629715 S 200x300 Lipoic Acid: A Piece of the Neuropathy Treatment PuzzleIt’s also much more common now to see physicians prescribing lipoic acid for their neuropathy patients and pain–but why? Primarily because some studies show that lipoic acid can help reduce neuropathy symptoms.

The reason this may be is rather complex; I will also caution you that final results in using lipoic acid therapeutically are not yet in. There are, however, some good studies underway.

Lipoic acid is found in many foods, but in very small amounts. Broccoli and spinach may have larger amounts comparatively. This is why supplementation of diets is needed for neuropathy, diabetes, or obesity.

Exactly how this works is not quite clear. Studies do indicate it may help to improve the function of nerve cells—enough so that we believe it should be part of neuropathy treatment dietary supplementation.

Clinical experience indicates lipoic acid works better when patients better control their blood sugar through diet and physical activity.
Clearly though. it is not the entire answer.

What physicians and patients need to remember is that nutrients tend to occur together in nature. We believe that in order to function properly, they must be consumed with other relative nutrients.

In fact, very rarely do we need to administer large doses of lipoic acid—or any other single nutrients—when proper combinations are consumed.

This is something we experience every day in our neuropathy treatment clinics.

So, lipoic acid as part of good neuropathy treatments: Yes, but by itself, in our opinion, no. It is best administered with a multitude of micronutrients.

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