I’ve Been Taking These Neuropathy Pills Forever, I’m still not better!

Neuropathy and chronic pain are two of the most devastating conditions that human beings encounter.

Unfortunately, much of modern medical treatment has little to offer.

Sure, narcotics and other medications may work for time to help dull symptoms but far too often in chronic pain they do nothing to help long term.

diabetic neuropathy 183x161 I’ve Been Taking These Neuropathy Pills Forever, I’m still not better!You can see patients undergo surgical other procedures can resolve problems. Sometimes they work, but too often they fail, we can get patients worse off than before.

Now there is no argument, sometimes there is no choice. Accidents, injuries etc. all take their human toll. But today’s discussion is to caution patients and doctors to go back to the days were most conservative least expensive treatments are tried first, not last.

For example, let’s take the typical scenario for a neuropathy patient.

Far too often, they’re not instructed weight-control, blood sugar management, evaluated for nutrient deficiencies or trained in drugless methods of pain control.

Instead, they are told something like ‘You are getting older, you had diabetes or chemotherapy, you’re out of shape and all you can do is to take these pills.’

I certainly know part of this, with the lack of awareness and education on alternative methods of care and chronic pain. Quite honestly, this is due to strong the influence of the pharmaceutical industry.

Obviously, you know better. That’s why you were here and that’s why you’re reading this. You also understand that this is a process, there is no one single pill, device, lotion, etc. that will cure you forever.

There are however a team of excellent NeuropathyDR clinicians as well as ever improving homecare treatment systems to help you live healthier, longer, with less medication than ever before.

All you need to do is reach out and grab it!

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