I’ll have another serving please…or how to gain 60 pounds in 1 year

During a recent episode of Beating Neuropathy Radio, Hank Cardello said something that really hit home with the neuropathy audience.


Recently, I had the opportunity to interview on the neuropathy radio show Hank Cardello. Hank is a former food industry expert whose major role today is to teach us all, consumers and industry experts alike the benefits of reducing the calories we eat, while at the same time improving food quality.

During a recent episode of Beating Neuropathy, Hank said something that really hit home to the neuropathy audience.

I know this was because many neuropathy patients suffer from diabetes or metabolic syndrome. This type of neuropathy happens largely because of being overweight.

Hank told our audience that today, it is not at all uncommon, and VERY easy for us to eat an extra 600 calories or more per day then we need. This was not true 40 to 50 years ago.

If we drink soda, or eat lots of refined and pre packaged foods, that number can be much higher.

Here’s the problem for neuropathy patients. 600 extra calories per day is 4200 per week. 3500 calories extra per week can easily turn into 1 pound of fat. This can very easily turn into 60 pounds or more during a year!

So you can see, it’s very easy to eat way more than we should or need to for normal requirements.

Now This Is a Neuropathy Patient Shopping List!

And this is devastating for some one with neuropathy.

So, what’s the neuropathy patient to do? First, go back a couple weeks and re read the neuropathy diet. In there, we even showed you how to walk and shop the supermarket for neuropathy diets.

Next, start to measure your food. Seriously, a set of measuring cups and a small scale work wonders.

When my neuropathy patients first start to do this they are shocked at how much more we eat than we really need!

Don’t forget, winning the neuropathy battle is dependent upon your ability to function at your very best!