“I don’t have neuropathy symptoms; I only walk like I’ve had a few drinks”

Unfortunately, this loss of balance occurs frequently in peripheral neuropathy.

One of the more common but sometimes under diagnosed components of some forms of peripheral neuropathy is loss of balance.

Ever Feel Out Of Control With Your Neuropathy? You are NOT alone!

In the clinic, we call this “gait” changes. Of course, there are many neurologic disorders that can cause you to walk abnormally or to lose your balance.

Unfortunately, this loss of balance occurs frequently in peripheral neuropathy.  This is primarily due to changes in sensation of your feet to touch, as well as position sense, or what neurologists call proprioception.

One of the most important things to recognize is that left untreated, this problem often gets worse. It requires not only treatment for the neuropathy component but also rehabilitation to help retrain balance and coordination, wherever this is possible.

There are some very simple steps they can be taken almost immediately to prevent catastrophic falls and other side effects of this neuropathy related imbalance.

The first thing is to make sure that proper footwear is worn at all times. Secondly, remove common hazards around the household such as objects upon stairs, rugs without non-slip backing or pads, spilled liquids on the floor etc.

Be especially careful in kitchens and bathrooms.  Once neuropathy treatment has begun, your clinician will instruct you in a series of exercises to help retrain your nervous system.

This is only possible, when adequate neuropathy treatment is been able to restore sensation to the soles of your feet, and position sense to your toes and ankles.

This is why working with a NeuropathyDR treatment specialist can go along way towards not only speeding your neuropathy recovery, but also set the stage for a return to a more active lifestyle.

Remember, the sooner you act, the sooner you improve.

Please, do not wait for your situation to really deteriorate before seeking active neuropathy treatment intervention.

Good treatment for many of the more common forms of neuropathy is now available!

All you have to do is ask!!!

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