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You can help your NeuropathyDR Clinician along by bringing copies of laboratory tests that may have been performed within the couple of years prior to your office visit. In this day and age especially, it’s very important that diagnostic tests that have already been performed are not duplicated unnecessarily.

Additional considerations in diagnosing peripheral neuropathy include the application of things like NCV, or nerve conduction velocities. These are oftentimes performed in the offices of neurologists and other healthcare providers who are trained and certified in their application.

The good news is that there are also other items on the horizon that will make the measurements of nerve conduction velocity much easier and more straightforward, and these will be applied to the studies that are ongoing in our patients that suffer from peripheral neuropathy.

Something else that really affects all peripheral neuropathy patients is that drug only treatment to date has been of very limited effectiveness.

Patients oftentimes try many drugs, costing many hundreds of dollars out of their own pockets that prove to ultimately be ineffective.

Nutrition therapy may be part of the answer, but is not the entire answer.

I say this not only from my own personal experience, but also from the experience of other doctors I’ve consulted with and from speaking with my patients over the years.

In fact, as I stated earlier, one of the worst things that can happen is when a patient attempts to treat his or her own peripheral neuropathy without the guidance of a trained and licensed healthcare professional.

Thats why our treatment centers and trained professionals are here for you!

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