Handling the Holiday Stress-a-Thon – Part 2

If you know the holiday season is going to really stress you out, try handling it a little differently:

Do What You Can To Reduce Mental Stress

Many of the things that stress us at the holidays are easy to manage or control.  Make your life as easy as possible during this trying time.

If traffic really works your nerves, leave home a little earlier or try getting to work by a different route and avoid the areas that are particularly congested.

If your boss is a nightmare, plan to take vacation around the holidays if at all possible and give yourself a mental break.

Volunteer to help with the holiday activities of a local charity.  Doing something good for someone else is a wonderful way to make someone else’s life better and make yourself feel good at the same time.

Resolve to start a new exercise program or learn a new skill or start a hobby as soon as the holidays are over.  Enlist a friend to do it with you so you can encourage each other.  Giving yourself a goal and something to look forward to after the grind of the holidays is over will do wonders for your state of mind.