Getting Healthy Again!

One of the biggest things we see in our work with Neuropathy and other chronically ill Patients is that once the burning, tingling numbness and pain start to subside, they are gradually able to resume more activity. In some patients, this can be an incredible challenge after years of illness, stress, and sometimes the other side effects of treatment for diabetes, chemotherapy for cancers, surgery, etc.

But, There is good news! By applying specific timed steps, many patients do far better than they ever imagined.

Finally, a Neuropathy Treatment System that works!

Here’s 3 simple tips to make it go easier.

Start easy! We always teach our patients the importance of pacing, doing less than you think you actually can.
Take extra special care of rest needs. Its’ OK, and even advisable to rest during the day, even if you don’t nap.
Watch what you put into your head! Shut off the TV, grab a good book instead, or simply meditate in a comfortable spot. Focus on health generating thoughts and mind pictures.

Finally, enlist the help of your coaches, doctors and friends along your journey back to health. ASK for help and guidance.

CALL US if you need help. Really, we talk to patients all day long!