First Steps in Dealing With Peripheral Neuropathy

Further altering your lifestyle can help tremendously in dealing with your peripheral neuropathy.

Last time, we talked about some of the first steps you can take after being diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy.

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Have a health care professional with whom you can discuss ideas and suggestions openly and freely.

Next, even if you are moderately overweight (as little as 20 pounds) you must make every effort to reduce this weight ASAP.

Thirdly, we strongly recommend you initially try an avoidance diet. An avoidance diet typically consists of brown rice, tea, banana, and applesauce in very small frequent servings, accompanied by several glasses of water per day for a couple of days, and then proceed to a largely “Paleo” type diet. Now if this is all new to you, we caution you to make changes to your diet slowly.

In case you are not familiar, a Paleo diet largely consists of vegetables, with small amounts of high-quality protein such as organic chicken breast, fillet of salmon or other cold-water fish, rarely red meat, no grains, and other high-protein vegetable foods such as beans.

I can’t emphasize how critical this can be. We do know there are many environmental triggers for many disorders, including neurologic disorders such as peripheral neuropathy. Some are contained in food, but some are also due to our own exposure.

This is why further altering your lifestyle, including drinking only filtered water, avoiding cleaning chemicals and other toxins, and staying away from artificial preservatives and processed foods can help tremendously.

It is also very important to have a health care professional with whom you can discuss ideas and suggestions openly and freely. You need to be treated with respect. It is also quite likely that you’ll require periodic laboratory and other diagnostic tests. Please follow your professional’s recommendations.

Your professional should serve as an advocate for a healthy lifestyle and as therapeutic nutrition, not drug-only care.

It is also important to understand that early intervention, in terms of pain management, physical therapy, and rehabilitation can make a huge difference in your long-term outcome.

In summary, peripheral neuropathy and similar acute illness, like so many issues in life, require a game plan.

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