Dietary “First Aid” for Your Neuropathy

You can do some neuropathy treatment “prevention” and dietary first aide!

This week, you’ll probably eat and drank some things you ordinarily wouldn’t. My advice? Always enjoy yourself but just don’t go crazy.

Why? Because it’s a whole lot easier to get back on the neuropathy treatment course if you only stray a little.

Focus instead on the 90+ percent of your life, including following the Neuropathy Diet. And be sure to stay on track with your neuropathy home care kit care too!

But even if you stray from good neuropathy treatment habits even just a little sometimes you can feel really awful!

healthymeal 300x200 Dietary “First Aid” for Your NeuropathyBut there is good news! You can do some neuropathy treatment “prevention” and dietary first aid!

First of all, drink plenty of water if you go on “holiday”. It’s OK to sample different foods unless you are allergic or sensitive, but resist the temptation to go crazy!

Don’t drink alcohol at all if you have medication interactions, and be careful of overindulging in alcohol anyways, as it can irritate many forms of neuropathy.

Make sure you take your supplements, and eat small frequent meals. Doing so will make it easier for you to stay on track if you do go to parties.

Now, if you wake up feeling lousy, don’t panic. Just get back on track ASAP with all your good self care.

A good Rescue Remedy is simply to do the BRAT Diet for 1 to a few days (Brown Rice Banana Tea and Applesauce). This is actually a good clearing diet for lots of people and can help you feel better faster after overindulging.

Also, be sure to be drinking enough water, and eating healthy (Minimal carb High Protein) every 2-3 hours.

Following the tips here, and all the good neuropathy treatment self care you are more likely to really enjoy the holidays, now right through New Years!

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