Diabetic Neuropathy- exciting follow-ups from the clinic

Neuropathy Treatment Systems Include Good Manual Therapy

Neuropathy Treatment Systems Include Good Manual Therapy

I had the good fortune of seeing several really great diabetic patients in our clinic today. The first had completed her 5 weeks of initial NeuropathyDR(TM) care a month ago, and still her diabetic neuropathy continues to improve, BUT not only that, her blood sugar levels are continuing to drop, and exercise tolerance is increasing. After years of total misery and worsening.

The second gentleman, a new patient started on Monday, has been miserable for 5 years, and after just the third session, is already sleeping better, even his foot mobility has improved. He has had such bad foot cramps and burning foot pain that can not even sleep without socks.

Finally, real encouragement. Real Results. Doctors and Physical Therapists who really take the time to care for the entire patient.

If you or a loved one are suffering, these cases are showing steady, real progress in beating neuropathy!