Developing a Better Neuropathy Treatment Self-Care Plan

Do you have your list of “Things which May be making my Neuropathy Worse”

If you’re reading this now, you understand that so much of getting better with neuropathy and chronic pain is a do-it-yourself project.

How is your lifestyle affecting your neuropathy treatment?

It is also unrealistic for any doctor to say or any patient to assume that his or her own self-care does not have a major impact on their health, and yes of course recovery from any illness.

Because so many people find the topic so overwhelming, what I suggest is that you start by making very simple list.

For example, do you have the more common known risk factors that can cause or aggravate many forms of neuropathy? This includes things like cigarette smoking, being as little as 15 to 20 pounds overweight, being inactive or sedentary, and consuming too much alcohol?

Do you take statin medications because your diet has been so poor?

You see all of these things can aggravate neuropathy and chronic pain.
Perhaps there are genetic or family issues, which you cannot change completely. But could you do a better job of taking care of yourself?

Could you walk more, stretch, take your supplements, and watch the timing and composition of your meals? Could you do a better job of working on your stress, your high blood pressure and migraines? Are you regularly exercising, and taking “time-outs” every day for meditation or prayer?

So, one of the most important things you can do right now is to make a list for yourself.

The title of this list is “Things which May be making my Neuropathy Worse.” Share this only with yourself and your health care professionals.

And then, choose one thing to work on today! Rather than becoming overwhelmed, it is much more productive to focus on one change at a time. Once that change has been activated, move onto the next. And so on, one day at a time.

When you start behaving in this way, you’ll likely find better neuropathy treatment results, and more success from working with your neuropathy treatment professionals!

This is after all is why many hundreds more patients are joining our ranks every week, and we so thank you for being part of our extended family!

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