Delaying #Neuropathy and Pain Treatment is Like Playing With Fire!

You could end up more seriously injured by delaying #neuropathy, #fibromyalgia, and other chronic pain treatment.

mail 4 Delaying #Neuropathy and Pain Treatment is Like Playing With Fire!

As you probably know working with and actually effectively treating neuropathy can be extraordinarily challenging.

Neuropathy itself can be the result of many different causes and other conditions. The underlying conditions themselves are often times very challenging and then if you add neuropathy on top of it and you can have a very difficult situation.

Unfortunately drug only therapy serves to simply mask the symptoms and not treat the underlying illness. Too often patients who suffer from neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and other forms of chronic pain can go on this pattern for many years before effective treatment is actually implemented.

And often times it’s prolonged self-treatment for pain or other annoying symptoms.

It is not unusual now to see patients taking large amounts of self-prescribed over-the-counter drugs ending up with liver damage or kidney damage and sometimes organ failure.

Don’t let this be you! Yes of course sometimes medications are necessary to help with pain but using them only to the exclusion of other good self-care is a road for disaster.

It’s very important you take the most appropriate steps to actually improve your underlying health and function as quickly as possible.

Also understand that our personal behaviors most especially diet, activity and stress control will have more to do with your outcome than almost anything else.

This is also why using the most appropriate home care tools including everything we’ve made available to you can work so well.

And sooner you can start along this treatment pathway the better your end result will be!

By now, you probably understand that we know much more about actually treating most forms of neuropathy and chronic pain than ever before.

And we do know that early active intervention by YOU usually makes a huge difference in your prognosis!

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