“But, I only Have A Little Neuropathy…”

Saying I have a little neuropathy is just like saying I’m a little bit pregnant.

One of the things we see fairly frequently in the neuropathy treatment clinics is when patients present with the early onset of neuropathy symptoms.

Get all your symptoms checked out

This could be due to things such as chemotherapy, statin medications, or perhaps even “pre-diabetes” now called metabolic syndrome.

Now there are cases of course where neuropathy is not long term.

This usually occurs in younger patients, who have been exposed to poisons or medications that eventually are stopped.

Unfortunately, for many adults neuropathy is a very different situation. For most of us saying I have a little neuropathy is just like saying I’m a little bit pregnant.

In order to have affective neuropathy treatment it is critical to identify correctable factors early on. This would include things such as obesity, certain medications, and lifestyle factors such as cigarette smoking. Likewise, it is also very important to begin the most appropriate neuropathy treatment as soon as possible.

You see one of the things we know beyond the shadow of a doubt is that when patients begin neuropathy treatment early and seriously the long-term results are far better.

In the clinic we can find patients who treat their neuropathy early are less debilitated, and return to better function much more easily.

So what can you do? First of all, do not be a “minimizer”. When you experience symptoms such as pain, tingling, numbness or burning, have them thoroughly checked out as soon as possible by a licensed healthcare professional.

Next, help your clinicians help you by fully revealing your family history, medication usage and other factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption et cetera.

Lastly, learn the importance of good homecare programs. NeuropathyDR homecare programs can speak your progress as well as improve your neuropathy treatment results, often times dramatically.

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