“But Doctor, It Hurts When I Exercise…” – Part 2

Here are more tips on low impact exercises that won’t make your neuropathy pain even worse…

Tai Chi


Tai Chi is a very slow moving martial art.  Each and every movement is done slowly and through a complete cycle, works every muscle group in the body.  Even though it is not a strenuous exercise program, the health benefits for your bones and muscles are undeniable.

Once again, Tai Chi uses the body’s own weight to strengthen the muscles. Your sore joints and swollen tissue aren’t subjected to increased weight.   And because the movements are slow and fluid, no added pain from sore muscles to complicate the symptoms of neuropathy that you already suffer from.



If your joints are so painful that walking is not a good option for exercise, try swimming.  Your movements are easier in water and you will put little weight or pressure on your feet.  Make sure that the water is warm, not cold.  Prolonged exposure to cold water will have a detrimental effect on your circulation and make a bad situation worse.

Swimming is also a wonderful way to strengthen your cardiovascular system and do so without taxing your limited strength.  If you suffer from pain in your legs and feet, the buoyancy of the water takes some of the pressure off your extremities.  Just being in the water can provide some relief from the pain in your nerves.

Stay tuned for our final suggestions on exercises that give your life back…