Diabetic Neuropathy Misery Ends after 2 treatments!

The Correct Manual Therapies Speed Recovery...

Another really powerful day in the ND clinic. Wonderful, active 69 YO diabetic lady with PN hands and feet, very poor sleep for many months, on lots of gabapentin (> 2400mg/day).

She’s been a great patient already, driving 56 miles each way to see us. Rose followed our EXACT 3 step protocol, some > Sx post second treatment which is common, comes in today having slept through the night, so even her husband wondered what was going on!

And this is while she is tapering her meds!

ND Metabolic Rehab, Energy and Weight Loss

Two things we are seeing in patients doing our ND metabolic rehab programs are significant weight losses without changes in diet or deliberate, heavy exercise, in patients new to our programs.

A recent patient reported a 13.5 lb wt. loss in under 4 weeks. This was in a 50 YO male with Metabolic Syndrome. And of course his chronic neuropathy is improving very nicely too.

Patients are also reporting better exercise and walking tolerance, and as a consequence, far better levels of well-being.

40% better in 5 Weeks!

Another fabulous improvement in a 80 YO Lady after years of suffering brutal peripheral neuropathy- we discharged her to home care after her 5 week NeuropathyDR clinical trial 40% less neuropathy symptoms and skin temperatures increased by 10 degrees!!!

Foot Pain of Neuopathy is often described like this...