A 3-Part Solution for Rapid Change

We have discussed in previous blogs the causes of peripheral neuropathy and have in a very simplistic way addressed what might be actually occurring to cause nerve damage at the cellular level. The good news is that we have been able to produce very effective treatments for peripheral neuropathies by combining three specific modalities.

The first is the application of manual therapy. Manual therapies, including massage, mobilization, stretching and spinal manipulation especially have been employed for centuries. The research literature abounds with the effectiveness of manual therapies for many conditions.

Despite abundant research, controversy of course still exists. However, I will tell you, as will any good doctor, that any treatment that proves to be cost-effective and is not harmful should be employed prior to the administration of more expensive and potentially harmful techniques such as powerful medications with unfortunate side effects.

The next part of the treatment protocol is nutrition therapy. This is something that really needs to be tailor-made. However, there are some nutrients that we should address in the context of discussing our treatment program for peripheral neuropathy.

The supplements that are used most commonly are prescribed by health care professionals only after the extensive evaluation is performed in the office. This would have to include, of course, all of your previous medical background, recent laboratory tests, as well as other tests that the doctor may determine warranted for your particular condition.